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In an increasingly growing interconnected world, we are often unaware that some of our actions can have adverse effects and pose risks not only to us, but our families, our friends, our communities, and even our country. Cyber attacks are a growing threat, especially to the United States. Consequences as you can imagine consist of intellectual property loss, financial loss, service disruptions, reputational damage, and costs of recovery to cyber attacks and incidents. Staying informed about dangers on a resource that touches our lives in many forms every day, to protect ourselves is the first step in making the Internet a safer place for everyone. While attaining 100% security will never happen, cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, preventative measures can be taken by each of us to lessen the likeliness of an exploit or vulnerability.

Cybersecurity involves the protection the infrastructure by preventing, detecting, and responding to cyber incidents. Unlike physical threats or other threats that are easily identified; cyber events are difficult to identify and understand. Among these malicious threats that lurk about are viruses that can erase entire systems, intruders such as tojans breaking into systems, altering files and using your computer or device to attack others, or threats that steal confidential information. The magnitude of these cyber threats are limitless, some having more of an impact with differing severity than others that can have lasting effects on individuals, communities and the nation.

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