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Through Your Submission, I Hereby Agree to Photo Sharing Terms & Conditions

The purpose of the Cornwall Office of Emergency Management (COEM) Photo Sharing tools is to crowdsource and share emergency and disaster-related information for events occurring within the Greater Cornwall Community, allowing citizens, First Responders, Emergency Managers, Community Response & Recovery Teams, and others to view and contribute information.  You can Share Your Photos by text, email, and social media accounts.

Key Points

1.        You must be 18 years of age or older to submit a photograph and/or text description.

2.        This is not a replacement for 9-1-1 or calling for Fire/EMS/Police. If you are in need of Emergency Assistance, please call 9-1-1.

3.        Do not put yourself or any other person or property at risk to take and share your photos.

4.        Do not use to report criminal activity.

5.        By submitting a photograph, you acknowledge that you own the photograph and any associated text description and grant COEM a non-exclusive, royalty-free, unconditional, world-wide license to use, display, and redistribute a copy of the photograph and any text description in any format to any entity.  Cornwall Office of Emergency Management will attribute the photograph to “COEM Photo Share User.”

6.        COEM reserves the right to modify this policy at any time.

Content Guidelines

1.        Only emergency and disaster-related photographs and text descriptions of events taking place in the Greater Cornwall Community will be accepted.

2.        All photographs should be geo-tagged using the GPS feature on your device.

3.        All content is moderated, meaning that photographs and text descriptions will be reviewed prior to being posted on any COEM social media and websites and are subject to rejection in accordance with guidelines as listed.

Content (Photographs & Text Descriptions) That Will Not Be Accepted

1.        Content that is not emergency and disaster-related and/or off-topic.

2.        Content that includes abusive or vulgar language, hate speech, personal attacks, or similar content.

3.        Content that includes personal information such as: a FEMA case number, social security number, identifiable addresses, and automobile license plates.

4.        Content that promotes any commercial entities or products, or contains information on fundraising campaigns or partisan political activity.

5.        Content that violates any person’s reasonable expectation of privacy or other privacy interest, including but not limited to, people on private property, children, interiors of homes, deceased or injured persons, and interiors of hospitals or other medical facilities.

Additional Terms & Conditions

1.        COEM does not guarantee or warrant that any information posted through Photo Sharing is correct and disclaims any liability for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on any such information.  COEM will not verify, does not warrant or guarantee, and assumes no liability for anything posted through social media and websites.

2.        COEM does not require users to create an account in order to submit content. All users need is a camera-phone or internet capability to share photos and text descriptions.

Privacy Policy

All approved content will be made publicly available.  COEM will collect and retain all photographs and text descriptions in our records.  For more information, please see the Privacy Policy.

If you disagree with the above terms and conditions, please notify us immediately through your original method of submission.

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