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Plan. Prepare. Stay Informed.

Most U.S. residents are aware that emergency preparedness is important to handle disasters. Yet of these, most have made little, if any, actual preparations! How about you? Are you ready?

All of us need to take a role in helping protect each other and our families and friends in the event of an emergency. From the potential of hazardous materials accidents from the CSX railine and NYS Thruway to the unlikely possibility of a disaster at Indian Point Nuclear Energy Center and other disasters such as severe weather and flooding, Cornwall continuously faces emergency situations.

This website contains step by step advice on how to prepare for disasters, will help you to be ready when the time comes and provides you with a resource for information on how to respond or recover during an emergency situation. Used in conjunction with information and instructions from other local and county emergency management agencies and organizations, the information on this site will give you what you need to be prepared.

We know that the next emergency is coming. We just do not know when or what kind it will be. But we can and must prepare now for the next emergency. Our family, friends and community depend on it.

There are important differences among potential emergencies that should impact the decisions you make and the actions you take.  

This site contains the following helpful information for each type of disaster:

  • How to plan with your household and prepare in advance so you are ready
  • Signs of hazardous events that come with very little warning
  • How to protect your household during the disaster
  • Begin recovery following the initial disaster

Learn this information for each type of disaster that could affect you:
•    Natural Disasters
•    Technological & Accidental Hazards
•    Terrorist Hazards
•    Pandemics
•    Home Fires

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